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The Arachnopocalypse Redux

Hey ya’ll, remember that flash fiction challenge I issued a while back that required the entrants to imagine an apocalypse caused by spiders? Well, it’s back again, only different, but also the same.

The same because, it’s still about the arachnopocalypse. Different because there’s an actual cash money prize to be won this time around. (Well okay, maybe not actual cash, because this is the future and we have fancy digital currency transfer mechanisms, and speaking of which where is my flying car anyway?)

Here’s the deal. Me and Tony Southcotte host The Human Echoes Podcast, and we’re looking to expand our horizons from rambling about movies, life, and bull testicles, into producing the occasional bit of audio fiction. We started out close to home with me reading my story “Of Teeth and Claus“, but now we need your help.

Send in your story of the the spider-infested end of the world in one thousand words or less, and you’ll have the opportunity to a.) Win ten whole American dollars b.) Have your work released in audio form on the podcast. (Don’t worry it won’t be me reading it this time. We’ll get someone who sounds halfway decent.)

The deadline for entry is noon o’clock Central Time on February 8; that gives you a little over a week. The winner will be announced on the podcast two weeks after. Send your entries in to HEPodcast@gmail.com. If by chance you had written a story for the previous Arachnopocalypse challenge you’re welcome to resubmit that.

Good luck and happy writing!

Not Waving but Drowning

If you’re like me you have an irrational fear of a small man coming in the night with a pair of garden shears and snipping off your little toe. Also if you’re like me you know that there are three ingredients to a great short story.

1. Haunting Title
2. Gripping Story
3. Completely Unsatisfactory Ending that somehow Still Feels Right.
“Not Waving but Drowning” the short story from the recently released anthology, The Machine of Death fills all these requirements to perfection, and it’s really worth your time to check it out. I won’t give too much away, but if you’re not familiar with the concept of the Machine of Death then this story makes an excellent introduction to the whole thing. Which is probably why the creators of the book released this story first in their new series of podcasts of the authors featured in The Machine of Death reading their stories. You can currently check it out for free here. It’s a great twenty minute listen, and it has my highly coveted stamp of approval.
(The stamp actually says “All Sales Final,” because I took it from my work but…you know what I mean.)