The Monster Named Cray

All of the children fear the monster named Cray.
It feasts on their bones when they go out to play.

But once, in a while on a bright shiny day
A hero goes up to the monster named Cray.

Our story concerns such a hero so bold,
Who trembled and shook at the tales the kids told,

Till he shouted, “No more! This ends today!”
And went up the mountain to meet the monster named Cray.

The cave where Cray lived was all dark and drear,
And stepping inside, our hero’s heart filled with fear.

But he went on in the dark in spite of his fright,
For our hero believed in the way that is right.

“Come out foul dragon!” our hero did call,
But the monster named Cray did not answer at all.

The floor of the cave was all covered in bones,
And blood stains half-covered the cave’s walls of stone.

“This place is evil,” our hero proclaimed,
And as his fierce anger grew, his fear slowly waned.

He drew out his sword with a swish and a ring,
And readied himself to face the cursed thing.

But he heard a sweet voice coming out of the gloom
Calling him forward to a dimly lit room,

And our hero stepped forward with sword in his hand,
Ready to vanquish the Cray from the land.

But inside the room instead of a beast,
He found a young woman and a sumptuous feast.

There were meats and sweet pastries, and veggies galore,
And foods that our hero had ne’er seen before.

“Come forward brave traveler and taste of my meats,”
Called the young woman in a voice pure and sweet.

Her face was an angel’s, so long was her hair
That it spread out behind her to the walls of her lair.

“I’m seeking a monster,” our hero did say.
“He feeds on young children when they go out to play.”

“I know of no monster,” the lady replied,
“But here, have a bit of this tart apple pie.”

Our hero stepped forward, not more than an inch,
But then he was trapped before he could flinch.

For the hair that stretched out to the walls of the room,
Snapped suddenly forward like the tendrils of doom.

They snared our poor hero and held him aloft,
And the young woman spake in a voice that was soft.

“The monsters that lived in this cave long ago,
Have all vanished now like the melting of snow.”

“But I still remain, though long lonely years,
And feast on the children to capture their fears.”

“But truly, it isn’t their flesh that I crave,
But the soul of the right and the heart of the brave.”

And with that she ripped out his limbs from their joints
And her mouth opened wide showing needle-like points.

She devoured his flesh with satisfied smile
And the screams of our hero could be heard for a mile.

And down in the village all the children ran out,
Jumping and cheering when they heard that great shout,

And went to the fields and started to play,
Safe, for the moment, from the monster named Cray.`

3 responses to “The Monster Named Cray

  1. hi there, just started following your blog, love this poem! poor hero, neither one of us saw that coming. if you’re ever bored feel free to visit my blog ( all the best!

  2. Love this ending!!!

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