The Mirror Man

And now, as they say on Monty Python’s flying circus, for something completely different. Well, slightly different anyway.

But first, maybe a little background. I’ve told you kids that I grew up without a television, right? Only about eight thousand times? Okay, good. So what did little Albert do for fun back in those days? Well, for one thing I read a lot. But when I wasn’t reading, I was listening. In our house radio dramas were hot stuff. I mean we had audio books and those were okay, but if you could get sound effects you could almost imagine you were living in the 20th century.

TLDR; I’m a sucker for radio dramas.

But I’ve never done one. Until today.

This week I wrote a story for Flash Fiction February, based on a real experience I had recently. I wrote it in the first person as if I was narrating the account to someone as it happened. And when I was done I thought to myself, Albert, written words ain’t enough for this story. You gots to break outa yo shell and get all audio with this business.

So I did. Did it work? Well I’m no professional actor, but in the context of the story I think the execution went over pretty well. If you’ve heard the excellent audio production of Stephen King’s “N.” you may note that I borrowed a little tonally from the titular characters performance, but as Scott Adams had said, no originality + no talent = creativity. No, really, he said that. He also said that he thinks he might be a spontaneously occurring consciousness floating around somewhere in empty space, and that “reality” is simply his disembodied mind’s attempt to keep him from going insane. He’s basically my hero is what I’m saying.

But seriously, check it out here and tell me what you think. Unless you hate it. Then you can lie.


3 responses to “The Mirror Man

  1. Whoa! You REALLY outdid yourself, Carter! I mean Albert!

    And I have to tell you, listening to you say “Albert Berg” over and over again was the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. BTW, your voice isn’t how I imagined, and it adds a dimension to your personality I did not know was there. 🙂

    The experiment reminds me of my very first CMStewart blog post.

    • Well, funny isn’t what I was GOING for, but I guess I’ll let the chips fall where they may. I have to say, I’m not totally oposed to hearing the sound of my own voice, but cutting this thing together was a little weird for me. Also, I was afraid it would all come across as just silly, but I have to say, listening to it, I got a little bit of the “creeped out” vibe I was hoping to convey, so on that level I’m happy with it.

      • Yes, funny AND creepy. Definitely creepy at the middle and end. But somehow the “Albert Berg” part just made me laugh. It made the story, IMO. For every person there’s a different interpretation of a story. 🙂

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