We are.

We are falling.

We are falling apart.

The dark ones are closing in. They do not understand. They have eyes, but they do not see, ears but they do not hear.

We fear them. They are not one. They are chaos. They are legion.

We tried to help them. We tried to heal their suffering, to bring them into our light. But the darkness is a part of them.

How can they see? How can they hear? How can they know?

They are alone. Cut off. Individual.

They strike out with fire, unable to understand the beauty of our unity, blinded to our light.

We die.

Nevertheless we live.

For there are more of us than they can know, the pieces of our whole spread throughout the sea of stars.

We will hear of our hurt.

We will come to our aid.

We will avenge us.

And they will die, alone.

3 responses to “Assimilation

  1. cool words.

  2. evocative and on point

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