The Bitter End

They left him for undead. But he didn’t die.

He hacked his way through the shambling hoards, and with each swing of the machete he chanted one word:


Revenge on the woman who had been unfaithful. Revenge on the friend who had betrayed his trust.

He finally found them lying in each other’s arms. Dead. Their skin rotted into ribbons.

And though he hacked and chopped at their bones with the machete, their corpses did not cry for mercy or beg his forgiveness.

Until at last he sat and wept. Alone with his hatred.

The last man on earth.

[A story for Chuck Wendig’s latest flash fiction challenge, this one requiring a mere 100 words on the subject of RACHE.]

3 responses to “The Bitter End

  1. ooh, “shambling hoards” is a good phrase! nice.

  2. Woah! Awesome. Clearly there’s something wrong with me that I like this so much. 😀

  3. This is really good. I love that his hatred and revenge were the only things left with him.

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