Flash Fiction Challenge: Altitude

A long while back I wrote a blog post called The Failure of Expectations about how sometimes the thing you see on the cover of a movie or in a trailer looks way cooler than the movie itself. Specifically I refered to this poster for a B-movie called Altitude:

But then I got to thinking. I’m a writer. I know lots of other people who are writers. Maybe I should stop whining about how the movie isn’t as cool as the poster, and write a story that is.

And I decided it might be fun to drag you all along for the ride. So here’s the deal: I want you to write a story inspired by that poster in 1000 words or less and post it on your blog. Then, link to the story in the comments thread for this post. I’m giving you one week, to come up with something as unbelievably epic as the poster image suggests.

And do yourself a favor and don’t do any research on the actual movie until after you write your story. Trust me. It won’t help.

One week. Starting now.

8 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Altitude

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  2. Good idea! I’ll give it a go…

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  6. I hope I am not intruding or overstepping any boundaries, but I felt inspired to write a little something. I apologize for the rough edges, writing is just a hobby not a profession. Honest feedback is always appreciated.


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