So remember that book thingy that was supposed to go out today?

Who knew that Amazon takes up to 24 hours to process a new book published to the Kindle Direct Bookstore?

Apparently not this guy, that’s who.

Let this be a lesson to you. STAY FLEXIBLE.

I’m actually looking at this work as a bit of a test run for some stuff I plan to release later in the year, so I’m learning as I go.

If the 24 hour estimate is accurate the book will be live in the Amazon Kindle store at around ten o’clock tonight central time.

And to all of the people who have showed such support for this book, I want to send out both a huge Thank You and an enormous I’m Sorry. We will work through the kinks and get this thing out there.

Thank you for your patience.


7 responses to “Hiccups

  1. From what I’ve been hearing, that is actually short compared to Barnes and Noble’s pubit system. Which sucks because I have a Nook. Are you planning to put it out for the Nook?

    • I hadn’t thought about the Nook. My main platforms were going to be Amazon and Smashwords. However, I’m perfectly willing to get working on that for all of you Nook lovers out there. But, yeah it might be a few days before that shows up.

  2. That sucks! Like you said, it’s a little hiccup =) Good luck with the rest of the process!

  3. Can’t wait to see it in “print!”

  4. Disappointing for you I’m sure… but a helpful lesson for those of us who still dream of getting a book done and up for sale. Thanks for the update. Again, congratulations on your success. Whether you sell a billion books or none at all, just getting the book done and out there is a huge success.

  5. Yeah, the lag time ais always in the fine print…timing is everything….and we do not always know what the Universal clock is set at….I have also been wanting to get my stuff uploaded for nook as well. I will share and helpful info I get. Congrats again on your first of many published works! đŸ™‚ AmberLena

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