Redacted Retail Rant

So today’s post was going to be about guys, and how some of you are turning out to be total wusses. I mean is it really necessary to have your wife do all the talking for you? Can you seriously not speak for yourself? Because I gotta tell you, you look like a total douche.

I was going to say, get over your social phobias and take a little responsibility. In spite of the fact that the phrase “grow a pair” does not specify a pair of what exactly, my understanding was that it wasn’t referring to mammaries.

I was going to say that if you can’t work up the courage to talk to the guy at the store on the phone and instead you decide to foist that responsibility off on your wife, then you’ve got no business calling yourself a man.

I was going to say those things. But I’m not going to.

Because…mumble mumble…family obligations…mumble…I’m lazy, okay?

Instead I refer you to the guest post I did for Marilag Lubag’s blog yesterday. It’s a bit different than the kind of thing I usually blog about, but I really enjoyed writing it.

Oh, and seriously guys? Man up.


2 responses to “Redacted Retail Rant

  1. I love what you posted in my blog. 🙂 A lot of people did, too. 🙂

  2. Heading over to check out your post on Marilag’s blog, now! 🙂

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