This Title Is Really Long, Which Is Ironic, Because The Post Is About Brevity, So You’d Think The Title Would Be Short Too, But Nope It Just Goes On And On And On Until It-


Yes, I’m going there. Because I think it’s important

1. This is your blog, not your magnum opus.

You got something to say, go ahead and say it, but do you really have enough substance to fill up a thousand words?

And don’t get me wrong, the answer may be, “Why yes as a matter of fact, I do Albert.” Which is fine and all, but there’s no actual obligation to give us the epic version of whatever it is you want to say. You may think, “Oh, but all this stuff is really important” and it may well be important. So split it into more than one post. Why? Because…

2. I have ADD.

Well, that may be a bit misleading. I haven’t been diagnosed or anything. Lets just lay I’m easily distracted, yes?

You’re expecting an “Ooh, shiny object” joke here. This is me subverting your expectations.

Something specifically about reading off of a computer screen is incredibly difficult for me. I know not everyone suffers from this problem. A friend of my can read through entire books on her computer screen. I can’t.

Should you cater your blog just to me? Well no. That’s what this blog is for. But I’m pretty sure not the only one who doesn’t want to read massive text blocks on his computer screen.

3. No one cares.

Seriously no one is impressed by long blog posts. Back when I first started blogging I was still learning this principle, and I had some posts that stretched on for upwards of a thousand words. No once, not once, did anyone comment and say “Woah, Albert, congratulations on writing such a long post.”

And now that I’ve started writing short posts, no one has said, “You know, Albert, I really miss when you used to go on and on and on. Your shorter posts aren’t nearly as good.”

Longer posts are not better posts.

4. Don’t listen to me.

Remember yesterday, when we talked about finding your voice? That applies here too. If you’re in love with writing long blog posts, don’t let me try to change who you are. That may be part of your identity as a writer.

Then again, It may not be. I only ask is that you consider it.

All I can show you is the world as I see it. I’m certainly not the only perspective in town.


15 responses to “This Title Is Really Long, Which Is Ironic, Because The Post Is About Brevity, So You’d Think The Title Would Be Short Too, But Nope It Just Goes On And On And On Until It-

  1. Thank you! Sincerely!

  2. I fall under the “It’s my blog. Don’t like it? Fuck off.”

    I’m not getting paid–nor do I expect to be. I’ve passed on peoples’ long blog posts but not because the post was long. It’s because the topic didn’t interest me and their means of going about what they were saying wasn’t compelling (I can read something whose topic doesn’t interest me if it’s told well).

    I’ll pass on posts that are photo-heavy. I just “liked” a post that was photo-heavy, too. Some photos are kick-ass, others not so much.

    I don’t like “tweet-style” blogs. They bore me because anything that short is something like, “Had egg mcmuffin for breakfast–YUM!” That’s a tweet — and I don’t even care for it as a tweet (unless your regular tweets are interesting and that was simply a bit of word vomit that splattered into the twittersphere).

  3. It’s good advice for people that are either starting to blog or wondering what other way they could increase readership. I agree with madtante though.

    I for one can’t read long documents on the computer, gives me a headache or my eyes start seeing double.

    I guess the thing here is : To each his / her own 🙂

  4. I appreciate your use of white space. I too am not fond of reading a lot of words on screen, and breaking the visual up helps.

  5. That was a really long title.
    And I must agree that when I see a long blog post I rarely read it. around 500 words = perfection.

  6. Same advice as for stories. Start at the beginning and when you get to the end, stop.

  7. There is a wonderful old tale about the writer who sends a multi-page letter to his friend which ends, “Sorry this is so long. I didn’t have time to make it shorter.”

    That’s how I feel about blogs. No one is paying me, and I have no intention of working that hard. I tend to think of anything under 2500 words as short anyway, but I am from an older generation and the lack of sexual activity gives me more time to read.

  8. Great post! I tend to see my posts growing in length (though never, ever in the 1000s. 500s yes… so I’m getting there). In the end, I think it may just be sheer laziness. It’s much easier to write a long post than to fine-tune and edit.

    LOVE the chicken cartoon.

  9. Brevity’s good, true. But the perfect length for a blog post or any other piece of writing? As long or short as it needs to be to get the job done. That said, usually fewer words are needed than we might think.

  10. I was going to make the “Squirrel!” comment from the movie Up…… I know the feeling of getting distracted, though shiney objects is my thing…, so long posts can be, well, long. I, myself, worry my posts can be too short, but no one has ever complained that they are. Brevity is good. 🙂

  11. Love the cartoon. Mine are like this. Simple line drawing but with humor and/or message.

  12. It doesn’t matter how long a post is if the topic interests me or I’m looking for information. If your blog is about writing then obviously every post needs to be clean.
    I do care about the quality of writing on my blog and try to improve with each post, but for me the important thing is to get the post done. I wish I had unlimited time to pore over every word and analyze what could be better, but I know that will come naturally if I keep writing. At this point I’m not too worried what others are thinking.

  13. Normally, I just skim through long blog posts. Then, I put reading them off until the next day (which by then, I forgot about them).

  14. I much prefer shorter blog posts. Not tweet-like posts but not Mists-of-Avalon-like posts either. LOL. I do think how are posts are written is just as important as the fact that they are written (unless it’s purely a personal blog). If the aim is to attract readers, start dialogs, etc, it’s important that the posts be readable.

    Ok…I’ll stop now or put myself to shame with a novel length comment. 😀

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