The Manure Manifesto

After spending several hours spread over the space of two days writing and editing today’s blog post, it slowly began to dawn on me that what I had written was complete crap.  And now matter how much I polish my crap it’s still going to stink.

It wouldn’t have mattered before.  Before, back when I was plodding away on and got excited if I had three views in a day, I could have lived with myself for letting something sub-par slide through. But now the game has changed.  You changed it.  A few of you have done me the honor of commenting on my posts and subscribing to this blog, and now, suddenly, I’m not blogging in a vacuum.  I owe you something.  I can’t just put out crap because that’s what I’ve got.  You deserve better than that.

So instead you get this.  It’s not much, but I’d like to think a nugget of passion is worth more than a mountain of manure.

And if, in your devilish curiosity, you wonder what that hard-wrought segment of doomed text might have been about, I will leave you with one clue.  Just three little words gingerly plucked from the original steaming pile of eight-hundred and forty-five:

Zombie Samuel Coleridge.

Thank you for reading.  That is all.


2 responses to “The Manure Manifesto

  1. Knowing there is an audience out there motivates me to make sure my posts are always high quality.

    But it also gives me something akin to stage fright before each post.

    • Too true. In fact after posting this very blog, I found myself wondering whether I had gone the right direction with it. At this point in the game I do a lot of second guessing. I read other blogs, and I think, “They seem successful. Maybe I should try to be more like them.” But I also want to have my own voice. It’s a balancing act. I want to be myself, but I don’t want to be self-absorbed. I’m doing this for myself, but I have to remember that I’m doing it for you too.

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