Watch Your Language

The following is a recreation of an actual real conversation my wife and I had last night.

Wife: How are the pizza rolls?
I: They’re okay.  But they lack a certain je ne sais quoi*.
Wife: Yeah, well a lot of things lack that.
I: [Partially constrained snorts of laughter]
Wife: What?**

*For those of you who may be unclear about the meaning of the phrase used above, it’s a imported French phrase which literally means, “I don’t know what” but is often employed to denote some indescribable or intangible element or a part of a larger whole.
** I did explain it to her. I may be the kind of stuck up jerk that uses highfalutin French phrases in everyday speech, but I at least try to have the decency to explain what I’m talking about.***
***Initially this exchange was meant to be humorous, but I’ve spent so much time explaining the joke that I’ve ruined it almost completely and made myself look like a stuck up jerk in the process.**** Stupid France. Should have known better than to borrow their stinky language.
****I’m a total sucker for footnotes. True story.


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