The Profanity Problem

Based on what I’ve learned from reality television, I think it’s safe to say that being a chef is the hardest job in the world. I mean really, the stress levels of the people who you see in Hell’s Kitchen must be through the roof based on the amount of profanity they throw around. Compare that to The Deadliest Catch which is literally about the most dangerous job in the world, and yet the amount of profanity in one whole episode is around what you’d get in oneminute of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s not that it bothers me so much, its just that I can’t understand where they’re finding all these foul mouthed chefs. I’ve worked with people who swore before, but on the whole, most people I meet don’t go spouting off curse words at the drop of a hat. Is this something the producers of Hell’s Kitchen coach the contestants to do so that Gordan Ramsay won’t look like such a jerk? Or is being a chef really that much worse than risking your life for some crabs?


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