Manliness Tip #1

If you are man, perhaps you have said yourself at one time or another, “I would like to appear to be more manly, but sadly my disposable income is limited such that I am unable to purchase a shotgun, or a pickup truck to keep it in. What should I do?”
If that is your dilemma, then you my friend are in luck. Today’s tip will cost you nothing but will help you maintain that aura of manliness that you so desperately covet.

Here it is:
If you want to buy something at the store and your wife or girlfriend is with you DO NOT tell her what it is you want so that she can tell the salesperson while you stand meekly in the background. No one is fooled by this. We all know she’s not the one who’s going to be using the Gillette Fusion Power razor blades, which means you end up looking like a total douche who can’t speak for himself.
The same goes for phone calls. Get your lazy butt up out of your easy chair and walk over to the phone, because when you have your wife call in to see if there are any .270 shells in stock the guy on the other end can hear her yelling across the house asking if you want Remington or Winchester.
So grow some balls and be a man. Despite the sensationalist news reporting done in the last few years, sales people very rarely bite their customers. Chances are you’re going to be fine.

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