Shirt Without the "R"

I’m starting to get ticked off at t-shirts. It’s not the actual article of clothing that bugs me so much; it’s the stuff people print on the article of clothing that gets on my nerves. Sometimes I get a chuckle from these witticisms when I first see them, but by the time I see the fourth or fifth guy wearing the same “joke” I’m rolling my eyes and thinking, “Seriously? That’s what you find funny?” Maybe I’m not the typical case here. Maybe I’m overexposed because I work in retail and thus see hundreds of people a day. But I don’t think I’m going too far to ask someone in the t-shirt business to please come up with something original and interesting to put on a t-shirt. Either that or just make one shirt that says, Either I have a horrible crippling mental disorder which makes me unable to discern the true nature of reality, or I am a cretinous pervert with no respect for the idea of sexual fidelity. Take your pick.
From what I’ve seen that shirt right there would cover approximately ninety percent of your customer base’s needs.


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