Mutant Lesbian Babies from Mars

Today my wife told me a story about a baby at the nursery where she works that is the child of two lesbian women. The story goes that these two went through some kind of insane genetic procedure which basically amounted to some doctor removing the DNA from one of their eggs and implanting it into the other’s egg. These two spent tens of thousands of dollars on this procedure, which, because both contributors possessed X chromosomes, resulted in the birth of a beautiful baby girl.
Nice enough story. But it isn’t true. Not that my wife was lying to me, but according to the best estimates the technology to pull something like this off is still five or six years in the future, so someone was definitely lying.
And that is my favourite part of the story. Ever since I heard this I’ve been thinking up reasons why someone would concoct such an elaborate lie. After all, the details of the story involve these two women trying for years to pull this procedure off, so assuming one of them was lying to the other, the facade that she developed must have been legendary in its scope. If they’re both lying to everyone else…well I can’t fathom that either. I think there’s a story here, but I don’t have a clue what it is.
All I know is that when I was doing a quick web search to verify that my skepticism was justified I came across a website called and that’s just awesome.

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