Serious Shakers

I was at the flea market last weekend and I saw this beautiful piece of work. It came with a card that read, “Add charm and delight to your home with this timeless keepsake. This collectible reminds us that imagination is limitless and dreams are forever.”

I’m not really sure I want these kinds of dreams to be forever. I am pretty sure these are the kinds of dreams that I would hope would end eventually.
The card further went on to assure me that my skull shaped salt and pepper shaker holder “was individually hand crafted by professional artists to present life like character.”
I wonder what it must be like to be one of those artists. Imagine this: You’re at a party. Someone comes up and asks, “So what do you do in life?”
You puff your chest out and proclaim, “I’m a professional artist!”
“Really? What kind of art do you do?”
How do you answer that question? Is the timeless “I hand paint life-like skull shaped salt and pepper shaker holders,” line really going to get you very far in the dating scene, or for that matter any scene? I think not.
The same card further assured me that this skull was one of a limited edition of 5000 pieces, which makes me sad for the “professional artists” who are out of a job now that this limited edition run is over with. With this shaky economy, we cannot stand for such things. Which is why I bought one. Because I refuse to stand by and let “professional artists” starve in the midst of this recession.
(Also because it’s freakin’ awesome.)

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