Blind Spot

I had an odd experience today. I was writing with a tool I use that lets you set a goal for how many words you want to write in a given amount of time, and beeps at you if your stop typing for longer than a few seconds. Obviously this kind of thing is great for forcing the old creative juices to flow if you’re feeling a bit constipated mentally speaking. Of course it also forces you to pay complete attention to the screen and what you’re writing. But as I was writing I began to wonder if someone might be standing behind me. It was only a notion at first, but I had the window open a little and a little later I felt a breeze coming in and it reminded me of someone breathing.
I didn’t look.
You may not believe that, but it’s the truth. I stayed focused on my work the whole time, but a little piece of my mind wouldn’t stop wondering how I would know if someone was standing behind me. And maybe not someone. Maybe some Thing. Maybe if I wrote the wrong thing I would feel fingers that weren’t really fingers at all but claws at my throat crushing my neck, squeezing the wind out of me as the light fades from my eyes. Maybe not.
Then again, maybe it’s still there, still watching me as I write this. Or maybe it’s gone elsewhere. Maybe it watches right now as the light of the screen plays in your eyes while you read these words, completely unaware of the dark world just outside the edge of vision. Probably not. But you’d better look. Just in case.


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