The Hat Man Synchronicity

I keep a record of things I like in this notebook I have. Mostly its miscellaneous thoughts and story ideas, but I also record any possible story titles I think might be cool. Sometimes I have an idea what kind of stories will go with this titles, but sometimes just the title itself is enough to make me want to make a note. One such title without a story was “The Hat Man” which I thought of last year probably under the influence of XKCD which has character of the same name.
Yesterday I met him. He had this hat with all kinds of different things stuck in the band. There was a shark tooth, some kind of poisonous thorn, and even a small knife. He was also rich. I know this, because he pulled the biggest stack of Benjamins I’ve ever seen out of his pocket and showed them to me. This guy was a total character, and completely entertaining to talk to. He even inadvertently gave me the first line of the story that bore he name: “The first time I met the Hat Man he told me ‘I always follow the law as long as it doesn’t get in the way of justice.'” Good stuff right?
Well fast-forward to the next day (that would be today if you’re keeping track) when I drove by a shopping plaza near my house and saw that there was a brand new store opening called Hat Man Books. Now maybe I’m crazy, but I was just blown away by the weirdness of the coincidence. I’m not the kind of person that ascribes some kind of cosmic meaning to these kinds of coincidences, but I do find it kind of cool when I notice them. Maybe one day I’ll actually get around to writing the of an insanely rich redneck who wears a crazy hat and dabbles in vigilante justice on the side. Until then, its nice to know that the fictional Hat Man is slowly taking shape in the Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next reference. If you don’t get it then trust me and read pretty much anything by Jasper Fforde. He’s Awesome.)


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