So today I hit my word count for National Novel Writing Month. The novel I started out to write slowly changed into something very different which is always a treat for me as a writer. I think the true measure of a decent character is when they start to think on their own. I’ve read one writer that put down the idea that character can take a story in a different direction than the author originally intended, saying essentially “You’re the writer you can make them do what you want.”
While that sentiment is technically true, it
undermines a larger truth, namely that in a very real sense a decent character should start to take on a life of his own, which is why I was very excited when I began to suspect that my first person narrator was lying to me.
I’m somewhat proud of how this story turned out, even though it’s not fully finished yet. I hope to come back and fill in some of the gaps, but for now I think I’m going to take a break from writing and instead focus on fulfilling my new years resolution from way back in January to finish reading The Wealth of Nations by the end of the year. I’ll also be working on my (hopefully) final polish draft of In the Shadow of Doubt.
Writing is awesome! Now, if only I could figure out how to make some money with it.


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