The Periscope Blues

Okay, so Terminator: Salvation was okay. The acting was pretty good, and the action stuff pretty much hit the mark. But you know what really pissed me off, what one gaping plot hole made me want to stand up in the theater and yell at the screen? Somebody? Anybody?
Yes, that’s right. That gosh darn freaking submarine! I mean why did Skynet need to plant the fake code for them to find and transmit anyway, when they regularly made radio transmissions and used active sonar for the love of Bob? The whole point of using a submarine is to be stealthy. Little things like radio waves and stupid pinging noises would make you stand out like Richard Simmons at a biker convention.
Also I wondered what all those fighter people were doing for food, but maybe they have some farms somewhere, just offscreen.
Anyway, not a bad movie in all, if you don’t actually think about it. Worth seeing maybe once if you’re a fan of the series (though in my opinion it does very little to advance the plot any further than what we already know anyway, but I’m guessing they’re planning for another sequel, and that could be good. Or not.)


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