Did You Know…

That the social security system has approximately one recipient of funds for every three contributors? I just read that statistic today, and I was frankly shocked. There’s no way a system like that can sustain itself for very long, especially considering that due to longer lifespans, the ratio is projected to be two to one in about ten years.
In light of this information I’m wondering why the government is so freaking worried about health care. After all, old people are the ones who get sick the most often, and since they’re the ones drawing the checks anyway, so why not just let them fend for themselves and die earlier? On the other hand, maybe this is one of those classic misdirections. After all, lots of people claim that universal health care would be far less efficient and effective than free market health care, so maybe the old people will die earlier, relieving some of the burden on social security.
Then all I’ll have to worry about is the money the government will be taking from me to pay for the plan to kill off the old people who were taking money from me in the first place.
I’m not a big fan of anarchy, but
every once in a while I think, “Why not give it a try? It couldn’t be any worse than this.”


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