I’ve been reading on Wikipedia about the philosophy of self. It’s some pretty deep stuff man. For example some people believe the idea of self is just an illusion, a useful lie we tell ourselves to explain our own existence. This is a crock in my opinion. After all I know I have an identity, a sense of self that extends beyond a simple convenient fiction.
Plato postulated that the idea of self is an extension of function. To quote Wikipedia: “If a knife had a soul, the act of cutting would be that soul, because ‘cutting’ is the essence of what it is to be a knife”
This is really a bit of a cop out, because ultimately this reduces the definition of the self to the act of “being” which is ultimately simple a restatement of the question. If the self is nothing more than the act of being, then what is the essence of the act of being?
The other “definitions” listed are similarly unhelpful.
It’s fascinating to me that such a fundamental question of what the self/soul is unanswered, especially since its a question that everyone has an interest in solving.

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