The Plot Holes of Nimh

A few days ago I watched the Nostalgia Critic’s Top Eleven Underrated Nostalgic Movies. I had seen some of the movies on the list such as The Rocketeer , and Rescuers Down Under and I thought they were pretty good, so when I saw that his number one pick was The Secret of Nimh, a movie that was for sale at the Wal-Mart where I work for five dollars I figured, “Hey why not?”
But I have to say the movie slightly disappointed me. I mean, sure there were some cool visuals, and the underlying story is compelling, but there’s just a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense.
Like how is it that the Rats have managed to create technology advanced enough to create an underwater elevator, but they even can’t widen the hole that leads into the kitchen where the cat’s food bowl is? Instead they keep sending these innocent mice into danger to drug the evil cats food while they wait in safety under the floor.
And what’s up with that amulet anyway? I mean it obviously has some kind of special powers or something, but where did it come from? I wouldn’t be that hard to explain or at least handwave. They could have just had the head rat say something like “Oh yeah we found this while we were digging the tunnels for our underground hideout. It lets you pick up bricks with your mind. Cool huh?” But instead they bring this MacGuffin, upon which the entire conclusion of the movie hangs, out of nowhere and expect us to accept it.
And how is it that the injections the scientist gave the rats and mice taught them to read? You’d think that maybe the injections simply increased their intelligence so they could learn to read on their own, but the film clearly states that ordinary mice can learn to read as well. So what kind of serum is this anyway, and where can I get some for my ten-year-old brother in law who, in spite of years of public schooling, still has trouble with simple “see spot run” kinds of sentences?
Not that the movie didn’t manage to be pretty awesome in spite of all that stuff, but I keep thinking that the Nostalgia Critic would have never let that stuff slip in a movie he hated.
Also if you haven’t heard of the Nostalgia Critic before now, go check him out. He mostly reviews horrible nineties movies by screaming at them. It is more awesome than it sounds.


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